Letter to Governor Brown

I love your letter to the Governor, Dr. Rob Cohen. Reblogging.

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June 26, 2015

To: Office of the Governor, Honorable Edmund G. Brown Jr.

From: Dr. Rob Cohen

Dear Governor,

I was born in San Mateo, Ca in 1968. My parents were born in San Francisco. I now hail from San Diego County. I have lived and worked and played in San Diego and the Bay Area in different times of my life. And I am all California, all my life. I grew-up in California public schools. I graduated from San Jose State University. I am California. As are my family, as are all my friends. My family has been life long democrats for generations, since the 1880s. I have to say, for those reasons and because you’re a native local like me, I have always been a big fan of yours. And I’ve often wondered how great it would be if you became president of The United States of America…

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“As Infectious In Life As He Was In Death” : Reporters! Please Preserve Dignity In Death

I have to share this nursing blog “NURSEINTERUPTED” — about preserving dignity. People are not “pathogens”. Thank you for voicing this !!


In the process of watching  this whole Ebola “Infiltration” play out, I was particularly interested in “who” the person was that everyone was referring to, more often than not, as a walking pathogen, a walking Biohazard sign, a danger to society. Call it curiosity or my nature as a nurse—I like to know the human behind the story, the human behind the illness. It took a while, but I did find some information about Mr. Thomas Eric Duncan, and I was delighted to discover that toward the end of his life he performed a heroic act for another human being and sacrificed his life to do it. Now there is something I like to read…..the life behind the illness.


     Most people in this physical world have an innate desire to have their life witnessed by someone ….someone who can testify about how a person’s  presence has made a footprint…

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Gratitude is the gateway drug to abundance

Thank you Pam Grout!! Love your perspective on things.

Pam Grout

“Expect abundance on every level.”–Eileen Caddy

Happy Friday!!

I just returned from the jungles of Baharona in the Dominican Republic where, among other things, I ziplined through the jungle canopy. I leave again Sunday for California so I’m so grateful for all my online friends who can fill in for me. This guest post is from Cloris Kylie, an author, speaker and radio host. Enjoy!!!

Good Things Come in Threes

As part of a large extended family, I can say the death of a relative is not foreign to me. From a very young age, besides noticing the shock and emotions that usually arose when someone died, I was always amused by a statement that many of my relatives proclaimed: “I wonder who’s next. You know what they say…bad things come in threes.”

Some of my older relatives would even affirm that when someone passes, he or she comes back…

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How to Heal a Relationship

Hey, Tony!! I’m still getting my WordPress blog together but thought I’d share this one of yours with readers. Have a great weekend!

Tony's Daily Vision

(Image courtesy of MentalHealthNews.org )

I’ve been experimenting lately with the idea that everything is energy and that if I want to create a certain relationship in my life, all I have to do is hold the vibratory frequency of what that relationship would look like. For example, I was dating a woman we’ll call Amanda. Amanda and I got into an argument and I said some stupid things that I wish I hadn’t. This resulted in Amanda telling me that she’ll never speak to me again.

About a week later, I was sitting in bed thinking; “Everything is energy. This frequency that Amanda and I are at is not where I would like us to be. I’m just going to visualize that things are the way I want them to be and feel that for a few minutes.” So I did that. I just sat there and saw us…

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